Our mission is to provide goods and services to those who are seeking (beyond the everyday) solutions to their problems.  Striving to bring everyone to their highest calling, we work with our clients on an individual basis to determine their needs and help them see their path clearly.

Both Lady Iris (Alicia) and Lumyneros (Danny) are highly trained Reiki practitioners with 15+ years experience in several forms of Reiki and energy work.  They are also spiritual advisors and ordained ministers that have been "called" to use their gifts and skills to help others. They will consult with you about your requests and determine the best solutions on an individual basis.

Our affiliates can provide you with energy infused tools and items for many varied purposes.  As we continue to grow, our available vendors will expand as well.  It is our intention to make The Spiritual Emporium a "one-stop shop" for any and all of your metaphysical needs.  Also, customers interact with affiliates directly through the link provided

Discover the satisfaction of journeying to your highest self and living in the bliss of the moment each day. We are here to guide you.


Lady Iris